Abstract Concrete wins first place in Restoration Contest


I am pleased to announce that Abstract Concrete took first place for Interior in the 2008 Concrete Decor Magazine Restoration Contest.  The project was located at the Detroit Water Building in downtown Detroit.  You can read more about the project by clicking on the project profile located on our homepage. The article can be found... more


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Abstract Concrete featured at World of Concrete

Abstract Concrete was selected to demonstrate cutting edge decorative concrete techniques at the World of Concrete Artistry in Concrete event in Las Vegas.  Our creative designs and innovative techniques as a leading installation company was recognized by, and led to our selection by Concrete Construction Magazine, the event sponser. To read the article visit Concrete Construction Magazine

Renovation Project: Radisson Inn, Livonia


In the conversion from a Holiday Inn, designers were looking for a solution to shake the 1970's look with the dated epoxy pebblerock surface it had.  The proposed Thin Stamp Overlay is a 1/4" stamped concrete material applied over existing concrete and can be crafted into any color, texture, or design the architects wanted.  Keeping the colors earthtone with the look and feel of dry lock slate was appealing to the design team for a more upscale look.  Additionally, the finish appealed to the owners because of low maintenance costs and the ability to repair the surface from traumatic damage or recover from potential plumbing repairs with no loss of aesthetic appeal.  This system can be repaired without detection of the most discerning eye.  Abstract Concrete has the experience to work with the most demanding General Contractors to keep a project on schedule and on budget.

Initial prep work included removing the existing pebblerock surface to reveal the concrete substrate. 


Additional prep work included removing old caulk from the pool and hot tub copings, filling cracks, grinding off remaining mastic and epoxy, and acid washing the surface.

After prep work is completed, a skim coat of polymer cement is applied to provide a bonding surface for the stamp mix.  This project was completed in sections to allow for concurrent work with other trades and keep the renovation on schedule.

Once dry, a 1/4" concrete stamp mix is applied with a base color, then stamped seamlessly with rubber mats to give a slate impression. 

After the floor is dry, yet still soft enough, a design is custom scribed into the floor to create a dry lock slate appearance.  

The individual shapes are stained various colors in a random fashion 

A blend coat of stain is applied to tie the colors together and give a more natural antiqued appearance.

The limestone copings are stained to compliment the rest of the floor

Final project is sealed and finished.  We did a trowel concrete finish on the brick walls surrounding the pool deck as well.